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Secure TeleHealth Conferencing

TeleHealthCare: Bringing Provider & Patient Together

TeleHealthCare is a logical solution as a tool to improving healthcare. Technology has achieved the ability to deliver very high quality conferencing on a wide variety of devices, with a user-friendly interface and secured for clinical use. SysNetx is focused on delivering user-friendly TeleHealth solutions. Our products are all HIPAA compliant and meet most country standards for clinical use and protected health information. Our solutions are Peer2Peer, which reduces latency (delay's) and optimizes visual and audio quality. The exceptional quality, combined with ease of use, makes the SysNetx solution perfect for Provider-Patient interactions. User's of SysNetx are never required to install any software, so patients can easily meet with providers at home, on vacation or anywhere they have an internet connection.

SysNetx TeleHealth solutions are purchased on a monthly basis, starting at just USD $9.95 per month. Our solutions boast military grade security and Peer2Peer connections that are immune from eavesdropping, interception and compromise. Our solutions are device optimized. This means that SysNetx delivers beautiful HD video and audio on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Our service is flat-rate, allowing subscribers to utilize our service without per minute charges. If you are in Tokyo and your patient is in New York, you can consult with your patient without any additional charges. In many cases, your time is reimbursable.

SysNetx  is focused on delivering Provider-Patient TeleHealth solutions, that are simple, secure and reliable

Our solutions are designed for:

  • TeleMedicine
  • TeleNursing
  • TeleSurgery
  • TelePsychiatry
  • TeleGeriatrics
  • Rural, Remote and Travel Medicine
SysNetx delivers simple and secure solutions for TeleHealth

Secure TeleMedicine from SysNetx


Our TeleMedicine Service Plan:

Multi-device Support

Native HIPAA Compliance

No Metadata - Ever!

Beautiful HD Video & Crystal Clear Audio

Meet Your Patient on your PC, Tablet or Mobile, Anywhere you have internet

Nothing to download for you or your patient. Just visit our website


Monthly Service Cost:

The terms:

  • No per minute charges and no time restrictions

  • Price: $9.95 per month, for a single user (One Clinician)

  • Price: $29.95 per month for 4 users (4 Clinicians)

  • That's All!






What are the requirements?

We support Windows™ on PC's, Tablet's & Mobiles and Android ™ OS.
We support Apple Mac's™, and coming soon, iOS™.
We support Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers.

HIPAA Compliance & Privacy:

SysNetx products possess native HIPAA compliance.
Your TeleHealth session is secure, encrypted and immune from interception and eavesdropping.
SysNetx has no access to your meetings and no patient identifying information is ever recorded.

SysNetx is happy to offer our customers a Business Associates Agreement, as required by HIPAA.
SysNetx does not record or store any protected health information, we are HIPAA compliant!


TeleHealth services are often reimbursable for Physicians, Nurses and Allied Health.
TeleHealth is a billable service in many locations. Better care with Reimbursement.
TeleHealth is covered in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and more. Check you local requirements.

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