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WebRTC delivers a safe and secure working environment:


What is WebRTC?


WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) allows for browser-to-browser applications,
for voice calling, video chat, text chat and desktop sharing, all without the need for either internal or external plugins


What does this do for me?
What does this do for my company?


WebRTC combined with strong encryption, delivers a securePeer 2 Peer connection.
Eavesdropping and interception are prevented with military grade encryption.
We use transport layer security (TLS 1.2) and modern encryption ciphers (AES-128 or better).
If your work demands the utmost in security, then SysNetx has your answer!


What does HIPAA compliant mean for me? Can I use SysNetx for TeleMedicine?


HIPAA is an American law, that is designed to protect the privacy of medical patients.
HIPAA compliance requires us to maintain very stringent security practices, to prevent compromise of Doctor-Patient communications.

WebRTC delivers native HIPPA compliant security, due to a lack of a middleman vulnerability combined with an encrypted Peer 2 Peer connection.
SysNetx maintains no records of your meetings. We store no history, record any sessions, or collect and keep any metadata.
Since your conversation is secured, free of any interception risk and with no metadata collected, SysNetx delivers the highest security.
SysNetx was made for TeleMedicine and any other highly secure communications.

Secure Peer2Peer Connection

How does a SysNetx secure conversation work?

Your secure meeting is as simple as visiting any web site.
Users login, "Click" a button to join the conference and that is all!


What are your requirements?

We support Windows™ on PC's, Tablet's & Mobiles and Android ™ OS.
We support Apple Mac's™, and coming soon, iOS™.
We also support Chrome OS and Firefox OS.
WebRTC is supported on the Chrome™ (our preferred), Firefox™ & Opera™.

Supported Broswers

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