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Secure TeleConferencing from SysNetx

Secure TeleConferencing: Meet Securely, Meet Safely, Meet in Private

Protecting your conversations from interception and compromise is both important and required for many professions. From Medicine to Law, and from Business and Finance, keeping proprietary information secure is an absolute necessity. Encryption is commonly found in conferencing systems, but few can deliver immunity from middleman attacks, the most common method for compromise. SysNetx delivers a Peer2Peer, secure and encrypted conferencing solution that is immune to middleman attacks. Our solution is natively HIPAA compliant, so even if your needs are not medically related, your business receives the same level of protection.

SysNetx TeleConferencing solutions differ from our TeleHealth solutions. TeleConferencing supports up to 4 persons simultaneously (TeleHealth supports only 2). The interface is optimized for group conferences, and delivers an excellent display on almost any device. TeleConferencing also offers screen sharing. This feature allows PC's to share desktops to most devices, in real-time. Once your conference ends, no data or "breadcrumbs" remain, keeping your conversation safe, secure and free from compromise.

SysNetx  is focused on delivering compromise free solutions, that are simple, secure and reliable

Our TeleConferencing solutions are designed for:

  • Law
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Politics
  • Corporate Travel



Secure TeleMedicine from SysNetx


Our TeleConference Service Plan:

Multi-device Support

Rock-Solid Security: All meetings utilize stringent encryption protocols,
that meet or exceed military requirements for "Secret Communications"

No Metadata - Ever!

Beautiful HD Video & Crystal Clear Audio

Meet on your PC, Tablet or Mobile, Anywhere you have internet

Nothing to download, nothing to configure, simply and securely visit our website

Our TeleConference Service supports up to 4 persons at once


We look great on PC's, Tablets and Mobile Smartphones

Secure Mobile Conferencing


Monthly Service Cost:

The terms:

  • No Long Term Contracts, service is month to month

  • No per minute charges and no time restrictions

  • Conferences are limited to four persons at once

  • Price: $19.95 per month, which includes:

    • One 4 person conference solution with 4 secure user accounts (One master and 3 users)

  • If your needs require more than one simultaneous meeting, then choose our Multi-User service:

    • Price $49.95 per month

    • Includes 4 conference accounts, each supporting 4 users (One master and 3 users)

  • That's All!



What are the requirements?

We support Windows™ on PC's, Tablet's & Mobiles and Android ™ OS.
We support Apple Mac's™, and coming soon, iOS™.
We support Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers.

Supported Broswers

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