SysNetx TeleConferencing Solutions


Secure Conferencing Solutions from SysNetx

SysNetx delivers secure solutions for:

Secure Video Conferencing
Sales Demonstrations & Presentations
Secure Media Streaming


SysNetx delivers highly secure TeleConferencing solutions, that are simple, user friendly and reliable. Our solutions boast military grade security and Peer2Peer connections that are immune from eavesdropping, interception and compromise. This level of security is combined with a mobile optimized platform, that delivers beautiful HD video and audio in even low-bandwidth environments. SysNetx requires no software to install and nothing to configure, so it works "Out of the box". 

Our TeleHealth solutions are designed for patient use, facilitating a wide variety of remote services. Previously, TeleHealth solutions required the purchase and implementation of equipment and software, limiting their use for the patient when at home. Patients in need of care, who are elderly, disabled, recently postoperative or in remote locations, now can have access to healthcare as long as they have internet access. This kind of simplicity extends the healthcare providers reach and effectiveness, as well as allowing reimbursement in many cases. 

SysNetx  is focused on delivering simple TeleConferencing solutions, that comply or exceed the security requirements of HIPAA and most country specific requirments for secured conferencing. We do not store protected health information (PHI) on our systems, so you can meet securely, safely and reliably at the office, at home or while traveling.

Our solutions are designed for:

  • TeleHealth Services

  • Secure TeleConferencing Services

  • Secure Video Streaming Services

  • Secure Communications

SysNetx delivers simple and secure solutions for
TeleHealth, TeleMedicine and TeleConferencing

Intuitive & Simple Interface

TeleConferencing Solutions from SysNetx

Our TeleConference Solutions are secure and HIPAA compliant

From USD $9.95 per month, no per minute charges and no long term commitments

SysNetx solutions are simple to use. No software to install







Optimized for Mobile Devices

Secure Conferencing Solutions from SysNetx


Secure and Encrypted Voice, Video and Screen Sharing 

Supports up to 4 persons with beautiful HD Video and High-Quality Audio

Works on any internet connection

Secured with military grade encryption



SysNetx support the following
operating systems & devices:
Mac OS
iOS coming SOON!

Supported Browsers

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