SysNetx delivers secure and simple TeleHealth, TeleMedicine, TeleConferencing
and Secure Streaming Video services, that are mobile optimized.

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Our solutions are designed for:

Secure Video Conferencing
Sales Demonstrations & Presentations
Secure Media Streaming

SysNetx TeleConferencing Solution


Secure Voice & Video                         Secure Video Conferencing Portal

Our Applications:

Secure TeleHealth

We deliver Secure Solutions for Medicine, Psychology, Nursing & Allied Health
We are HIPAA compliant without any software to install
Deliver reimbursable care anywhere you have the Internet
Simple interface for patient use and fully secure

Secure Video Conferencing

Who is listening to your business, legal, and financial discussions? 
Can you conduct business securely in while traveling? Are your conversations private? 
Meet on the go with your mobile, in HD video with crystal clear voice and screen sharing
Conduct sales presentations, deliver amazing customer service or demonstrate your new product. SysNetx delivers!

Secure Media Streaming

SysNetx delivers custom solutions for secure media streaming
From secure sales demonstrations, to pay per view events, our reliable solutions become your solutions
Securely stream your content anywhere there is internet connectivity, to an audience of your choosing
Our custom solutions are very cost-effective, so talk to us about your needs



Total Security

SysNetx TeleConferencing delivers rock-solid security, allowing you to confer in private 

HIPAA Compliant

We are HIPAA compliant. Our solution is secure and we do not collect or store any Protected Health Information (PHI) 

Simple to Use

Nothing to install, configure or forget. We work from anywhere you have a decent internet connection, no matter where you are located. 

Built On WebRTC

WebRTC is a part of your PC, Tablet, Laptop or Mobile browser (Chrome, Firefox & Opera). So if you can surf the 'Net, you can meet with SysNetx

Great Support

Our knowledgeable support staff is here to guide you through pre-sales, sales & of course, after the sale! Our support staff are the same engineers that designed and built SysNetx

Very Affordable

You get HD quality video with excellent audio, coupled with secure chat & desktop sharing, all starting at USD $9.95 per month

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